About Exelsuper

So what makes us different? Well, That's a great question

At Exelsuper our specialist advisers work together to provide you with access to the right expert at the right time. We don't believe in financial advisers who are a "Jack of all trades". We carefully select our people for their knowledge and reputation who's specialist skills enhance our offer to you.

Our team consists of investment, insurance, retirement, employer super, retail super and Centrelink specialists, who all work together to serve you. Whilst our specialists can help you in many areas, our SMSF specialists are highly acclaimed for their market leading expertise and service. As a result, our SMSF work is a key offering.

Exelsuper Makes SMSF Easy, because you control it and make all the decisions, but we do all the work.

Exelsuper SMSF has everything you need. No more DIY super. Tax returns, Audit, Book Keeping, Technical and strategic advice and Insurance and Investment services all in one easy package.

At Exelsuper, Self Managed Super is a key speciality. Whilst we provide specialist advice in many different areas, We are not financial advisers & accountants that dabble in SMSF. Its what we do best. Our specialist knowledge gives you access to ideas that others can't.

We offer the full-service superannuation fund administration and assistance package with a simple flat fee (no hidden commissions or additional variable fees) that gives our clients price certainty and confidence.

Our Story

Adelaide based Exelsuper is the brainchild of Chris Harris, who saw the need for a revolution in the superannuation industry after 25 years advising clients with regards to their superannuation funds.

Chris and his team have a passion for making Self Managed Superannuation accessible to more people. Guiding clients to break free of the traditional superannuation system and control their financial freedom, leaving behind poor advice, hidden commissions and misleading fee structures.

Exelsuper delivers real value through education, knowledge and smart investment strategies.

Exelsuper is the new face of Self Managed Super Funds.

“Many hard-working Australians are frustrated at feeling powerless when they receive their superannuation statement. When your statement arrives in the mail wouldn't it be great to feel positive and excited about your superannuation again? Managing your own superannuation fund can help you feel that way and it isn't as difficult as you might think. Exelsuper was created to give our clients the choice and control while we do all the hard work behind the scenes. Our franchisees are Specialist SMSF Advisers, who are the logical choice for people seeking assistance with SMSF advice and management. It’s smarter self managed super." Chris Harris

Our Referral Policy

Exelsuper is always thrilled when our clients refer us to family and friends. This is such a great compliment about our service, so we take this very seriously.

We are often asked to meet with family and friends who might need some advice about Self Managed Superannuation and we are happy to do this for you.

At Exelsuper this is how we like to go about it.

  • We treat each person you introduce us to with respect and care.
  • We are more than happy to have a no obligation chat.
  • Your privacy and your family and friends’ privacy are assured.
  • We ask for a brief introduction if possible so everyone feels comfortable (we find often an email or phone call is all that is needed).

Exelsuper want to ensure that your family, friends and colleagues can have access to the same services we provide to you.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you would like to refer a family member, friend or acquaintance.

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